PKA-Kickboxing Certification  
Red to Brown Belt    
After passing your grading with the PKA Principal you receive an official PKA certificate and the corresponding coloured belt.

PKA-Kickboxing Gradings Certificate

red belt is shown but different colour is given for each grade  
Coaching Team Course
Upon completing the Coaching Team Course you will receive your official PKA-Kickboxing Certificate from your Instructor .

PKA-Kickboxing Coaching Team Certificate

Advanced Coaching Seminar
When you complete the 2-day Coaching Development Course, you will receive your official PKA-Kickboxing certificate from the PKA .

PKA-Kickboxing Black Belt    
After passing your Black Belt grading with the PKA Principal, Mike Haig, you will receive the much deserved PKA-Kickboxing Black Belt and PKA-Kickboxing Plaque—a truly outstanding achievement.

PKA-Kickboxing 1st Dan Black Belt Plaque

PKA-Kickboxing Black Belt  
PKA-Kickboxing Instructor    
The peak of PKA-Kickboxing teaching excellence. Complete the full list of requirements and the qualification of full teaching Instructor is yours.

Black Belt Dan Grades      
PKA-Kickboxing recognises up to 4th Dan with a special Plaque awarded for each level.

PKA-Kickboxing Black Belt Dan Grades Plaques

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