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'Battle of Birmingham' Tournament
Crowns New Champions for 2010

PKA West Midlands Tournament November 6th 2010 Tile Cross, Birmingham

The annual West Midlands PKA tournament, the 'Battle of Birmingham', held on Saturday November 6th 2010, crowned new champions and a well deserved 'fighter of night' award.

Highlights from the tournament saw a great semi-contact match in the earlier rounds of the cadets between Jas Bryan and Jack Donahue, with Jas going on all the way to win the category. The final of the junior semi-contact  between Alex Baker and Reuel Richardson was extremely well matched. In addition, the 3-way final with eventual 1st place Jack Cheek, 2nd Anojan Vinayagamoorthy and Reece Mariner third... were three great fights.

The final of the men's semi-contact under 75kg proved exciting between Jarred McConnell and Jav Gidda, with Jay coming out the victor. The men's under 75kg's kickboxing final pitching Bob Swaby against Jarred McConnell was a brilliant final with both fighters showing real commitment and skill. Special mention goes to Mike White, who having never fought before, managed to get a 2nd place in the men's over 75kg's sport kickboxing.

After winning the ladies semi-contact, ladies sport kickboxing and the technical sets, pad routines and kicking routines alongside her brother Bob, Nina Swaby was deservedly awarded 'fighter of the night' award - congratulations Nina.

Men's Semi-contact -75kg
1st Jav Gidda / 2nd Jarred McConnell / 3rd Bob Swaby

Mens Semi-contact +75kg
1st Owen Armstrong / 2nd Mark Tulloch / 3rd Nathan Pitts

Ladies Semi-contact Junior
1st Chloe Bates
/ 2nd Leah Branley

Ladies Semi-contact Senior
1st Nina Swaby
/ 2nd Amber Dyson

Mens Sport Kickboxing -75kg
1st Bob Swaby / 2nd Jarred McConnell / 3rd Robert G

Mens Kickboxing +75kg
1st Owen Armstrong
/ 2nd Mike White / 3rd Adam Rose

Ladies Kickboxing Junior
1st Leah Branley
/ 2nd Chloe Bates

Ladies Kickboxing Senior
1st Nina Swaby / 2nd Amber Dyson

1st James Fisher / 2nd Carlos Baretto / 3rd Zak Williams

Pad Work
1st Bob Swaby & Nina Swaby / 2nd Kelly Harper & Stu Bishop / 3rd Simi & Sheldon

Technical Sets
1st Bob Swaby & Nina Swaby / 2nd Brandon Greenaway & Leah Branley /
3rd Amber Dyson & Paul Dyson

Kicking Work
1st Bob Swaby & Nina Swaby / 2nd Brandon Greenaway & Reuel Richardson / 3rd Leah Branley & Jas Bryan

Cadet Semi-Contact
1st Jas Bryan / 2nd Brian Hudson / 3rd Brandon Greenaway

Cadet Kickboxing
1st Brian Hudson / 2nd Hackan / 3rd Jack Donahue

Junior Semi-Contact
1st Reuel Richardson / 2nd Alex Baker / 3rd Jack Cheek

Junior Kickboxing
1st Jack Cheek / 2nd Anojan Vinayagamoorthy / 3rd Reece Mariner


'Fright Night' charity event far surpasses amount raised last year

PKA East Midlands Kickboxing 'Fright Night' Saturday 30th October 2010 Chilwell, Nottingham

Halloween 2010 saw PKA East Midlands Kickboxing put on a fantastic night of charity kickboxing to support St. James Palace Foundation for disabled and disadvantaged children.

Organisers were enthralled with the turn-out and topped the amount from last year's record raised. Taking on a Halloween theme, 'Fright Night' provided some excellent, exciting and competitive kickboxing, with each match consisting of three, one-minute rounds of light continuous kickboxing.

With 14 matches and a main event, spectators were never short on action and the night ran extremely smoothly. The 'Fight of the Night' went to juniors Maeve Keane and Amie Thacker showing a fine display of competitiveness, technique and control. Full results below:

K. Groombridge (Clifton) vs. M. Toone (Ilkeston) - winner Kevin Groombridge

C. Vaughan (Long Eaton) vs. L. Marks (Eastwood) - winner Chris Vaughan

D. Harrison (Long Eaton) vs. J. Clare (Heanor) - winner Dan Harrison

M. Vaughan (Long Eaton) vs. A. Levitt (Burton) - winner Mike Vaughan

R. Payne (Long Eaton) vs. A. Barrett (Ilkeston) - winner Richard Payne

M. Keane (Carlton) vs. A. Thacker (Ilkeston) - winner Maeve Keane

M. Pywell (Loughborough) vs. G. Hyde (Heanor) - winner Matt Pywell

B. Tomlinson (Carlton) vs. A. Spencer (Clifton) - winner Andy Spencer

C. Hibbett (Chilwell) vs. l.Douglas (East Leake) - winner Laura Douglas

S. McGowan (Loughborough) vs A.Crawford (Carlton) - winner Andy Crawford

T. Richards (Carlton) vs. S. Winter (East Leake) - winner Tristham Richards

J.McGahan (Harborough) vs.K.O'Reilly (Killamarsh) - winner Jemma McGahan

D. Poole (east Leake) vs. J. Hallam (Notts City) - winner Jonathan Hallam

D. Prendergast (Carlton) vs. M. Jordan (Chilwell) - winner Declan Prendergast

M. Baggaley (Long Eaton) vs. M. Tombs (Long Eaton) - winner Mark Tombs

Main Event

Danny Ryland vs. Martin Byrne - winner: Danny Ryland

Fight of the Night Award

Maeve Keane & Amie Thacker

Fright Night 2010 'Fight of the Night' winners - Maeve Keane & Amie Thacker


Premier Midlands PKA
Tournament Fantastic Success

PKA Kickboxing Midlands PKA Interclub Tournament Results Ilkeston, Eastwood, Burton-upon-Trent

October 2nd saw Midlands PKA Interclub tournament, organised by PKA Instructors Lee & Jo Jones, produce a night of fantastic light continuous kickboxing action.

Originally meant as a chance for PKA students from Ilkeston, Eastwood and Burton-upon-Trent to gain some first-time experience of tournament fighting, the event turned out to be quite a show with nearly 100 spectators cheering on the fighters.

For most of the fighters this was the very first time they had fought competitively, however the control and techniques shown was exemplary and resulted in a tournament of high standards and clean fighting...

Plus, to top things off two fighters, Adam Pilkington (Eastwood) and Ben Poulter (Ilkeston), showed a brilliant display of kickboxing control and flare with both fighters being awarded unanimously 'Fight of the Night'. Full results below:

Adam Levitt (Burton) vs. Luke Marks (Eastwood) - winner Adam Levitt

Stephanie Barnett (Burton) vs. Amie Thacker (Ilkeston) - winner Amie Thacker

Gabriel Brown (Eastwood) vs. Matt Ward (Eastwood) - winner Matt Ward

Ben Poulter (Ilkeston) vs Adam Pilkington (Eastwood)-winner Adam Pilkington

Matt Toone (Ilkeston) vs. Lewis Romane (Eastwood) - winner Lewis Romane

Olivia Dawson (Eastwood) vs. Amie Thacker (Ilkeston) - winner Olivia Dawson

Adam Levitt (Burton) vs. Matt Ward (Eastwood) - winner Adam Levitt

Marie Ward (Eastwood) vs. Laura Douglas (E. Leake) - winner Laura Douglas

Jason Meakin (Eastwood) vs. Kevin Thomas (Ilkeston) - winner Kevin Thomas

Midlands PKA Kickboxing Fight of the Night, Ben Poulter and Adam Pilkington


Christian's Story "How Kickboxing Helped Beat The Bullies"

Christian Smith helped overcome the bullies by training with Ryan Laffar at PKA Kickboxing club Coventry, Moat House Leisure Centre


Brand New PKA club opens:
Stafford, Staffordshire

Opening Sunday 7th November 2010, is a brand new PKA Kickboxing Club
in Stafford, Staffordshire at Stafford Sports College, Wolverhampton Road, Stafford, ST17 9DJ (view map).

Mixed classes every Sunday starting 6.30pm and finishing at 7.30pm.


Stafford Sports College - PKA Kickboxing Club Stafford


Brand New PKA club opens:
Rugeley, Staffordshire

Opening Sunday 7th November 2010, is a brand new PKA Kickboxing Club
in Rugeley, Staffordshire at Rugeley Leisure Centre, Burnthill Lane, WS15 2HZ (view map).

Mixed classes every Sunday starting 4.00pm and finishing at 5.00pm.


Rugeley Leisure Centre - PKA Kickboxing Club Rugeley


West Midlands PKA Championships
'Battle of Birmingham'
Saturday 6th November 2010
Martineau Centre, Tile Cross, Birmingham

Light Continuous and Semi Contact
Pad work, Sets, Forms, Demos
Refreshments Available
Changing Facilities
Free Parking
Families, Spectators - All Welcome!

Doors open 10.00 am, Start 10.30 am

West Midlands PKA Tournament 2010 - Saturday 6th November 2010 Tile Cross, Birmingham

For all fighter applications and tickets,
please contact Dean Williams on 07973 947792


PKA London Regional Instructor
Dave Gentry Raises Money with
the Stars of Emmerdale & Corrie

London PKA regional instructor Dave Gentry & Stacey Cadman finish the Great North Run alongside stars of Emmerdale and Coronation Street and World Champions Liz McColgan and Sonia O'Sullivan

PKA-Kickboxing London Regional instructor Dave Gentry and PKA-Kickboxing  instructor Stacey Cadman, teamed up with the stars from Emmerdale and Coronation Street and also World Champion runner Liz McColgan and World and European Champion runner Sonia O'Sullivan to run the Great North Run for charity.

The Bupa Great North Run in Newcastle attracted 54,000 runners this year, all fired up to tackle this now iconic half-marathon.

Dave and Stacey were part of a special celebrity team of TV soap stars and world class athletes. Together they helped raise over £300,000 for Leukaemia and Lymphoma research—a truly fabulous figure.
Stacey, a veteran of the London Marathon and Great South Run, finished in a time of 1hr 57 mins and 15 secs. Stacey almost did not compete due to a really heavy cold, but she refused to quit.
This was Dave's first run for over 30 years and with him approaching 50 years of age finished in a great time of 2hrs and 5 secs, not far behind Stacey.

Dave Gentry and Stacey Cadman demonstration kickboxing to entertain children

On the previous day both instructors entertained children on various children's events with kickboxing demonstrations.


PKA East Midlands Kickboxing Charity Halloween Fight Night
Saturday 30th October

PKA Kickboxing - Fight Night October 30th 2010 Chilwell, Nottingham

PKA-Kickboxing Regional Instructor Dan Maguire & Area Instructor Jo Maguire are organising their second charity kickboxing fight night on Saturday 30th October 2010, starting 6pm, first fight 6.30pm, at the Chilwell Olympia Sports Centre, Nottingham, NG9 5HR (view map).

After the tremendous success of last years Christmas Fight Night to help terminally ill children, Dan & Jo Maguire are organising a follow-up non-profit making kickboxing event which is purely for charity.

Entry is £5 on the door per person, with all profits being donated to the nominated charity of the evening. All places for fighters are now full.

As well as the fights there will be a raffle, games for kids, fancy dress, drinks and snacks. For full details please go to

So, if you fancy a night of exciting kickboxing just before Halloween and you can get to Chilwell in Nottinghamshire don't hesitate!


Midlands PKA Interclub
Tournament - October 2nd 2010

PKA Kickboxing Burton, Ilkeston, Eastwood interclub tournament Saturday 2nd October 2010 Rutland Sports Park, Ilkeston

Saturday 2nd October 2010 sees PKA Kickboxing instructors Lee and Jo Jones hosting a nine match kickboxing tournament between PKA clubs Burton, Ilkeston and Eastwood.

The tournament is being held at the Rutland Park Leisure Part, Ilkeston, DE7 5GH, with doors opening at 2.30pm and the first fight at 3pm.

Nine light continuous fights are scheduled with two Junior pad work demonstrations included as well. All the fighters are from the local area and would all love as much support as they can get. Tickets are priced at just £3.50 and can be obtained from Jo Jones by calling 07977 472386.


Scott Adkins Returns for
Special Seminar!

Scott Adkins PKA Kickboxing Power Kicking Seminar Atherstone July 2010

Martial Arts movie star and PKA-Kickboxing instructor Scott Adkins made a special appearance at Atherstone PKA Kickboxing club to give his superb Power Kicking course during July 2010.

Fresh from the successful movie 'Undisputed 3' and having time before setting off for his next film, Scott wowed the students of Atherstone with his martial arts ability and technique.

Very few people get the opportunity to learn from what is probably the best martial arts performer currently in the world.

During Scott's 3-hour kicking seminar, PKA students learnt all the secrets to producing powerful kicks - foot positioning, weight transfer, body alignment, targeting and strength.

Atherstone instructor Ryan Laffar was overjoyed with how successful Scott's course was and that the chance to learn from such a talented martial artist really was something special.

To check out Scott's latest movie 'Undisputed 3' go to

Undisputed 3


Latest Black Belt Grading
date announced:

Sunday 3rd October 2010

Temple Martial Arts Centre, Birmingham, B5 6BJ

Contact your PKA Kickboxing Instructor for more details



PKA West Midlands Martial Arts Summer Camp 2010

PKA West Midlands Summer Camp 2010


PKA-Kickboxing Nationals
Saturday 12th June 2010

Official Results


Men's Championship
Sport Kickboxing

Under 70kg -

High Grade

1st) Ash Bray
2nd) Jim Todd
3rd)  Patrick Williams

Low Grade

1st) Ben Whelan
2nd) Arthur Gronkiewicz
3rd)  Jarred McConnell

Under 80 kg -

High Grade

1st) Dan Sanchez-Grant
2nd) Bob Swaby
3rd) Owen Armstrong

Low Grade

1st) Zoltan Szilva
2nd) Robert Gronkiewicz
3rd) Massimo Fantuzzi

Under 90 kg -

High Grade

1st) Barry Upton
2nd) Sharif Elbowshi
3rd) David Mackman

Low Grade

1st) Tony Welch
2nd) Rob Duckett
3rd) Jamie Wilcox

Over 90 kg -

High Grade

1st) Andrew Morrisey
2nd) Samuel Abdullahi
3rd) Darren Williams

Low Grade

1st) Christian Kiwca
2nd) Damien Connelly
3rd) Kieran Palmer

Men's Championship

High Grade

1st) David Slowe
2nd) Owen Armstrong
3rd) Darren Williams

Low Grade

1st) Damien Connelly
2nd) Jarred McConnell
3rd) Scott Twells

Ladies Championship
Sport Kickboxing

High Grade

1st) Katie Wasiukiewicz
2nd) Anna Vachou
3rd) Nina Swaby

Low Grade

1st) Nicola Grogan
2nd) Danielle Jones
3rd) Nancy Nightowler


Ladies Championship

All Grades

1st) Nina Swaby
2nd) Jade Smith
3rd)  Sophie Calvert

Juniors (under 16)


Sport Kickboxing

1st) Jack Cheek
2nd) Loui Crabtree
3rd) Daniel Wylder


1st) Jav Gidda
2nd) Reece Mariner
3rd) Aarron


Sport Kickboxing

1st) Chantelle Reid
2nd) Chloe Bates
Olivia Haslam


1st) Chantelle Reid
2nd) Leah Branley
3rd) Chloe Bates


Sport Kickboxing

1st) Gethin Turner
2nd) Simi Mann
3rd) Jack Evans

Semi Contact

1st) Jas Bryan
2nd) Simi Mann
3rd) George Brown

Pee Wee's

Sport Kickboxing

1st) Sheldon
2nd) Louis
3rd) Paige

Semi Contact

1st) Sheldon
2nd) Brandon
3rd) Duane Jnr

Pad Work

1st) Raveen/Gurveen
2nd) Jav/Simi
3rd) Paul/Amber

Technical Sets


1st) Neil/Benny
2nd) Rob/Nina
3rd) Nick/Anthony


1st) Brandon/Reece
2nd) Loui Crabtree


1st) Sheldon
2nd) Greg
3rd) George

Kick Shield Work

1st) Nick/Anthony
2nd) Reece/Lewis
3rd) Leah/Brandon


PKA Kickboxing Instructor
Martin Byrne shows the blind that kickboxing really can be
for everyone

Nottingham Post article on the Nottinghamshire Royal Society for the Blind having a kickboxing class with PKA Kickboxing instructor Martin Byrne

A group from the Nottinghamshire Royal Society for the Blind have set the record straight by recently undertaking a 90-minute kickboxing class with Nottingham Professional Kickboxing Association (PKA) Instructor, Martin Byrne.

The group, who all have significant visual impairments, have proven that you don’t have to be able to see to believe, and believing is the first step to achieving.

PKA instructor Martin Byrne commented, "At all of my clubs we take great pride in making kickboxing available to everyone, it gave me great pleasure to share the sport I feel so passionate about with a group of individuals that are often restricted in what sports are available to them."

Nottingham Royal Society for the Blind with PKA Kickboxing instructor Martin Byrne

The class was held at the University of Nottingham Sport Centre by Martin and his assistant instructors Michelle Redman and Jimi King. The group were aged between 19 and 67 and all had various levels of sight ranging from tunnel vision to total blindness.

Within the class the students learnt and practiced a wide range of punches and complex kicking routines which most fully sighted people would find challenging.

One student, Mohammed, had no idea what Kickboxing was prior to the session and due to his complete sight loss had never seen it on TV or had the opportunity to participate in anything like this before.

Mohammed said, "At first I was a little hesitant, but I got more and more confident as the class went on. I’m now really looking forward to the next class."

For more information on Martin's regular and special classes in the Clifton and East Leake areas of Nottingham, please call Martin on 07979 965404.



PKA-Kickboxing National Championships 2010

Saturday 12th June 2010

Includes: PKA National Squad Selection

North Solihull Sports Centre, Birmingham

Easily located from the M6, M40 or M42

map here

Tickets on sale NOW from your PKA Kickboxing Instructor

Competitors: Please collect an
application form from your instructor


PKA Kickboxing Instructor
Lee Jones to run 'Kilomathon'
for cancer research

Ilkeston and Burton PKA Kickboxing Instructor Lee Jones is to run the first ever 'kilomathon' in the world for Cancer Research UK. A kilomathon is a metric marathon -- 26.2 kilometres, as opposed to 26.2 miles in a marathon, and will start from Nottingham University and end in Derby's Pride Park.

Four Kilomathons, organised by GSi Events, which run the Edinburgh Marathon, are planned for UK; the first which Lee is running in is on March 14th.

The event has attracted over 10,000 people, and has been overwhelmed by the support for the race especially as it being so innovative and unique.

Lee is using this event as a training session, with his eyes set on 'Tough Guy' hardcore endurance assault racing.

To sponsor Lee, you can click here. Or you can find out more about the race at

Good luck to Lee for the day.


Latest Black Belt Grading
date announced:

Sunday 21st March 2010

Temple Martial Arts Centre, Birmingham, B5 6BJ

Contact your PKA Instructor for more details


Birmingham 'Kickbox-a-thon'
Saturday 27th February!
The 100 Kick Challenge

PKA Kickboxing Regional Instructor Dean Williams is hosting a sponsored charity kickboxing event to raise money for cancer charities on Saturday 27th February.

Dean will be raising money by three different ways: 1) to perform 100 different kicks in an hour; 2) free kickboxing lesson for anyone, and 3) raffle and prize draw.

The event is being held at the Grace Academy, Chapelhouse Road, Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham, B37 5JS. Starts 11.30am to 2pm.

If you can spare some time to go and cheer Dean on as he attempts the 100 kicks challenge, all monies raised are going to a very worth while cause.


Bucks TV feature Beaconsfield PKA Kickboxing class -
students talk of why they joined and what they've gained

Click here to watch the video

London Regional Instructor Dave Gentry gives an interview to Bucks TV on the benefits of training with the PKA and a great preview of what a class is like.

Students Chris Lang and Leanne Phillips give their reasons for joining and what they've got out of class.


Urban Knights returns!
Premier Derby MMA Show -
Saturday March 13th 2010

Urban Knights Derby, the Gateway Centre, Pentagon Island, Derby, DE21 6AF - call PKA Kickboxing instructor Duane Reid

Urban Knights is back! Saturday March 13th 2010 at the The Gateway Centre, Pentagon Island, Grandstand Rd, Derby, DE21 6AF is the place for an action packed night of mixed martial arts. For more details please go to or call PKA Kickboxing instructor Duane Reid on 07867 952311.


Martial Arts Storytelling to
Help Kids in Hounslow, London

PKA Kickboxing Regional Instructor Dave Gentry has teamed up with Griffin Park Learning Zone to read stories to youngsters to encourage them to read books and improve themselves.

In his first reading session alongside professional storyteller Tony Dallas, Dave enthralled local children with inspirational stories about making a stand against bullies, getting fitter by running, boxing, dancing and healthy eating.

The children didn't just sit and listen, they were up and moving around the room, running on the spot, dancing and shadow boxing.

"Getting kids into a good story is essential—and encouraging them to read books really does help them," says Dave. "I'm only too glad to give up my time to help these kids and being part of this project is wonderful."

Brentford Football Club is also involved in the project and wrote an article (below) on how the Learning Zone and the storytelling sessions really have made a difference.

To read the full article please click here


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