Student Licences      
When you first join PKA-Kickboxing you will receive within 4 weeks your Licence Booklet and 12 months licence slip. If you have not received your licence booklet as below within 4 weeks of completing your application form please ask with your instructor. Your Licence Booklet has many features:
bullet Record of Official Gradings taken
bullet Your contact details
bullet Record of Special Training courses you have gone on e.g. Street Defence
bullet Record of Refereeing & Judging courses attended
bullet Record of Leadership Team Course, Award in Coaching Studies and PKA-Kickboxing Seminars attended.

PKA-Kickboxing Licence Booklet
After you have successfully passed an official grading with the PKA Principal your licence booklet will be returned to you with the official PKA signature on it.

Record of Gradings

Don't forget to get your Licence Stamped or signed for any courses you go on!

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